Iran threatened to destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa

Tehran has threatened Israel with attacks on Tel Aviv and Haifa in the event of strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities, Iranian state television reports, Anadolu reports.

Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatemi in Tehran commented on the statement of his Israeli counterpart Beni Gantz about “renewing plans to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.”

Hatemi threatened that Iran has all the necessary military capabilities to protect the security and stability of the state.

“No one in the region recognizes the Zionist regime, which forced the countries to erect walls around themselves. In addition, they [Israel] threaten Iran out of desperation. We will destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa if they make a mistake,” – said the Iranian minister.

Hatemi also added that the pro-Iranian “resistance forces” in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen are the “soft power” of the Iranian state.

Head of the General Staff of the Israeli Armed Forces Aviv Kochavi said on January 27 this year that he instructed to prepare new plans of operations in order to prevent Iran’s nuclear program.

On March 5, Israel’s Defense Minister announced that the Israel Defense Forces are updating their plans to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities.