Iran threatens Azerbaijan and Kurdistan

As already reported, Iran’s army from Friday, December 30, conducted large military exercises of Zolfakar-1401, which were conducted from Iran’s borders with Pakistan in the west to the Iran coast in the South in the Indian Ocean.

The exercises were called upon to check Iran’s ability to repel an attack on his borders, foreign media reported.

Admiral Habibullah Sayyari, coordinating military maneuvers, noted that the purpose of the exercises was to increase the level of planning skills and joint operations of various types of Iranian Armed Forces.

The exercises were attended by armored units, infantry, missiles, Navy, air defense, marine infantry and strategic bombers of IRI.

The statement of the Iranian Major General Golamali Rashid says that Iran, without hesitation, can attack countries that allow Israel to “place bases” in their territories.

“Any country that collaborates with the Zionist regime and which provides the Zionist regime with bases and objects will be the goals of our armed forces,” IRNA quotes the Iranian general.

The Agency claims that this is Azerbaijan, Kurdish autonomy in Iraq, the Monarchy of the Persian Gulf, the UAE.