Iranian authorities poison protesters of poisonous gas

Opposition Iranian media reports on the use by the Iranian by Iranian Gaza against the protesters in the cities of Javanrud and Piranchehr. According to them, we are talking about a combat poisoning substance of chlorbenzalmalmalmaldinitril related to a group of integrated irritants.

Two videos were posted on social networks, which shows how thick green smoke rises above the streets of Javanrud in the western province of Kermanshah, amid fierce clashes between demonstrators and security forces. On the same day, there were also messages about the use of similar green gas in Piranchehr in the province of West Azerbaijan.

“The occupation regime of the Islamic Republic uses forbidden weapons in CORDTAN,” the publication of one of the opposition twitter pages, accompanied by the image of gas cylinders with chlorbenzalmalmaldinitrin, presumably found in Piranhehra, says. The tweet also states that the use of this gas was prohibited by the UN Convention on Chemical Weapons in 1993.