Iranian Corps again threatens Azerbaijan with an armed attack

The analytical centers of the United States, following a wave of mass protests in Iran, note that, in the context of the “fight against external enemies”, the media channels of the Islamic Revolutionary Corps (CSSI) broadcast provocative videos of propaganda content, which threaten Azerbaijan with an armed attack.

In the Chronicle, prepared by the US Institute of Entrepreneurship, together with the Institute for Study of War (ISW), it is said that the mentioned videos are permeated with rhetoric, actively used during the Iran-Iraq war.

So, in the video called “First we will free Baku, then – Jerusalem” shows the road from Iran to Israel passing through Azerbaijan (geographically such a road does not exist – ed.).

ISW reported that Iran has recently significantly activated anti -azerbaijani propaganda, accusing Baku of “inciting protests in Iran.”

In the already mentioned video, posted on November 27, the Iranian segment of social networks used propaganda cliches created by ideologists of the Xirr during the Ira-Iraq war.

Then, we recall, the Ayatall mode, in order to justify the mass mobilization he has announced, made a “patriotic” slogan – “The road to Jerusalem passes through Karbel.” That is, we will hit both Sunni Iraq and Zionist Israel at the same time.

Today we see how in this Iraqi, Azerbaijan took the place of Iraq.

According to American analysts, initiating anti -azerbaijani sentiments, the mullocratic regime of Iran, first of all, seeks to inspire the personnel of the Islamic Revolution Corps to protect the Islamic Republic from military threats emanating from “ungrateful neighbors.”

Americans note that the return of the Ayatall to the propaganda slogan of the 35 -year ago is not at all by chance: the slogan “first we will free Baku, then – Jerusalem” with the subtext “of the Fatherland in danger!” Not only distracting ordinary Iranians from social protests, but also responds to senior Xirir officers who are veterans of the Iran-Iraq war.

In response, one could limit himself to the laconic phrase of President Ilham Aliyev, who said after the military exercises the Xir on our border: “Azerbaijan does not scare!”

But, observing the throwing of the gerontological power of the Islamic Republic, I also want to recall the words of the great Margaret Thatcher:

“I only rejoice in any attacks – so the enemy does not have other arguments.”