Iranian deputy: policy of Iranian authorities causes anger in young generation

Iran’s policy causes anger among the young generation, and the Iranian economy has a mafia structure, said the deputy of the Iranian parliament, Jalil Rakhimi Jahanabadi.

Jahanabadi accused Iranian officials of neglecting the experience of government of other countries and trying to “invent a bicycle.”

“Iranian politicians constantly invent a bicycle. They never ask how their colleagues in other countries relate to their national currencies and foreign exchanges and manage them. They do not believe in banking as a practice based on knowledge and in Expert knowledge. With all this, I am surprised why we are so smug and always believe that we can correct the world, ”said the deputy.

He also criticized the statements of Iran ‘officials that the fall of the Iranian currency became the result of protests: “But they never wonder why the Iranian currency continues to fall, even when the street was calm,” Jahanabadi said.