Iranian drivers caught Pashinian in a lie

Iranian drivers told Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty that the new Tat-Agwan Road, which is considered an alternative to the Goris-Campan interstate road, is very narrow and not adapted to move trucks, reports

They noted that they are forced to go along this road, so as not to pay Azerbaijan. Customs fee.

“The road is small, the cars pass a little and stop. On this road it is impossible to go,” noted one of the Iranian drivers.

“Nobody can assist here in case of technical problems. There are no places where you can drive large cars in case of breakdown,” said another driver.

Today Azatutuun film crew captured a truck that overturned on this road.

Note that on the eve of the Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan assured that the Tat Agvan Road is fully suitable for the movement of trucks.