Iranian drones armed with new warheads with additional charges

Iranian shared drones could be modified specifically for striking to energy facilities in Ukraine. Their warhead is aimed at carrying several defeats at once. This was reported in Ukrenergo in its telegram channel, referring to the data of Conflict Armament Research (CAR) – an investigative organization that documented illegal weapons, ammunition and other property in conflict zones, and also monitors weapons supply sources.

In January of this year, the field group CAR documented the warhead of the Iranian disposable UAV Shahed-131. It was established that the warhead is arranged in such a way as to give several effects when the target is affected. In addition to the main charge, the shock part contains secondary charges for additional damage to the attack object, the publication of Ukrenergo says.

Researchers came to the conclusion that such warheads may have been designed specifically for attacks on big goals, such as energy infrastructure. Moreover, the documented warhead was probably intended to cause as much damage to the infrastructure in a large radius.