Iranian Foreign Ministry appealed to Canada: “Instead of a hypocritical compassion …”

Press secretary of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Said Khatibzade commented on the UN General Assembly resolution proposed by Canada, in which gross and systematic violations of human rights in Iran are condemned, IRNA reports.

He called the draft resolution on human rights in Iran by repetition of safety accusations based on fake and fake reports.

“This resolution is based on weak international voices and has become the result of various political pressure and threats,” said Khatibzade.

Pointing to the Canada’s addiction to the continuation of the Anti-Iranian project, Khatibzade stated that some countries themselves violate the rights of a person, selling armed with authoritarian authorities and world aggressors.

“such immoral and unjustified actions not only do not help improve the situation with human rights, but also lead to the formation of negative stereotypes and political labels in relation to nations,” said the representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

Condisted by the Resolution on Human Rights in Iran, Khatibzade said that 114 of 193 UN member countries opposed this resolution or abstained, as last year.

“I once again repeat my recommendations to the Canadian authorities: instead of a hypocrisy compassion for human rights in Iran, let’s stop accepting the corrupt officials and kidnappers of the wealth of the Iranian people who found Canada as a safe home and stop involvement in US economic terrorism against Iran. “- concluded Khatibzade.