Iran’s ambassador was called to British Foreign Ministry

The British Foreign Ministry called Iran Ambassador in the UK after the journalists based in the country began to intimidate Tehran.

This is reported by Arab News.

The Foreign Ministry said that the director of the Middle East Vyzhai Rangarajan met with the temporary attorney in Iran Mehdi Hossaini Matin to “make it clear that the UK would not tolerate the threats of life and freedom of the media.”

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“I am shocked by the continuing threats of the Iranian regime of the lives of British journalists and today called his representative to make it clear that this was unacceptable,” said Foreign Minister James Cleverly.

On Saturday, the Iran International news television channel, based in London, announced the transfer of his programs to Washington to protect his journalists, after the British police informed him of the “serious and direct threats” of Iranian journalists. The television channel believes that “threats have increased to such an extent that it seemed that it was more impossible to protect the channel employees” or the audience around his studio in London.

The metropolitan police said that the authorities have prevented “15 conspiracies since the beginning of 2022 with the aim of kidnapping or even the murder of British or British persons considered enemies of the regime” without disclosing details. BBC submitted a complaint to the UN separately, saying that journalists working for her Persian service had increased fears about security “in the light of extraterritorial threats”.