Iraq authorities reported death of one member of Khashd Ashhabi in province of Babil

As a result of the fire that flared up as a result of the explosion at the headquarters of the Khashd Ashhabi in the Iraqi Province of Babil, one member of the Shiite militia died, eight more people, including from among the military, were injured. This was reported by the media network associated with the government of Iraq.

The explosion on the basis of Kalso north of Babil provoked a fire. The purpose of clarifying the causes of the explosion and the fire followed by the fire created a special commission from among the representatives of the civil defense forces and other relevant units, the message said.

The report notes that the coalition forces, led by the United States, did not commit any airy or military attacks on the territory of the Babil province, while in the message of the air defense command they recorded that there were no unmanned aerial vehicles before and during the explosion in the airspace in the airspace. fighters.

It was previously reported that at the headquarters of the Shiite militia “Khashd Ash-Shabi” in the Iraqi province of Babil, a air jacket was applied.

The Shiite militia on the social network Facebook accused the US attack. However, later, the Hashd al-Shaabi reported that on the fact of the explosion on the Kalso military base, an investigation was launched.

In turn, the Central Command of the US Armed Forces (CentCom) denied information about the application of air strikes on Iraq.

“We know reports that the United States today was deposited by airstrikes on Iraq. These messages are not true. The United States did not apply air strikes on Iraq today,” the report said.