Iraq will not be bridgehead for attacks on other countries – prime minister

Iraq Prime Minister Muhammad Shiya al-Sudani said he would not allow the use of Iraqi territory as a bridgehead of attack on other countries. He said that the camps of groups opposing the Iranian regime are evacuated.

In an interview with the newspaper The National, Sudani shared his opinion about events in the region.

“We are not acceptable to use the Iraqi territory as a place of attack on other countries, this is our constitutional duty. We evacuated the camps of Kurdish dissidents. Iraqi forces control the border in Iraqi Kurdistan,” he said, commenting on the situation of anti-Iranian groups in Iraq.

The prime minister said that the Iraqi government is solving its problems with neighbors diplomatic means. “We reject violence and threats of violence. We have the opportunity to answer, but we prefer diplomacy.”

– Safety Agreement between Iran and Iraq

In accordance with the security agreement signed with Baghdad in March, Iran wanted organizations operating in the north of Iraq, including İKDP, Komele, Pak and Iranian wing of the RKK -PJAK terrorist organization, moved to the camps determined by the Baghdad the administration, and disarmed by September 19.

On September 19, the Iraqi government announced that the anti -Iranian groups were disarmed and moved to the area remote from the border. Iran, in turn, said that the Baghdad government has fulfilled some provisions of the agreement.

The chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Muhammad Bakeri, on September 22, stated that to fully fulfill the security agreement reached with Baghdad, he would have to wait a few more days.

“, in accordance with the agreement, terrorist groups should have been completely disarmed, but after a six -month period they were only removed from the borders of Iran,” Bakeri said.

Tehran previously warned that he would resume his attacks to the north of Iraq if the agreement is not fulfilled.