Is China preparing for war?

The Chairman of China Xi Jinping announced the need to increase the combat effectiveness of the army in case of war. The Chairman of the PRC made such a statement during the inspection of the United Center for the Operational Command of the Central Military Council, which is the headquarters of the command of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA), the CCTV Chinese state television reports.

According to him, in the new period amid the strengthening of instability in the field of security in the Chinese army is a difficult and difficult task.

“The country’s armed forces should be prepared for hostilities at various levels and carry out their activities in line with the goal of preparing for the war and achieving the ability to win. The Chinese army should protect national sovereignty, security and development interests, as well as to fulfill before She is a party and the people of her, ”said Xi Jinping.

The goal of the Chinese army until 2027, when a centenary of its founding will be celebrated, become one of the strongest armies of the world, equipped with a upper class weapon, Si Jinping emphasized.