Islamists are judged in Paris

Two French Islamists appeared in Paris for preparing an attempt on the leader of the National Association party Marine Le Pen during the presidential election campaign in the spring of 2017, TASS reports with reference to the Parizen newspaper.

France citizens – 29 -year -old Cleman Bor, who pretended to be a native of Chechnya, and 35 -year -old Majedin Merabet – met in a prison where both were serving a sentence. One of them was convicted of drug trafficking, the other for forgery of documents. In the cell, they delved into the discussion of the goals of radical Islamism, to which both were committed.

After release, the accomplices went underground, often changed addresses, but retained connections. They decided to fasten their friendship with a loud terrorist attack. A few days before the first round of the presidential election in April 2017, the attackers chose the Le Pen rally, which was supposed to take place at the largest concert venue in Marseille, as a potential goal of the loud terrorist attack they prepared.

In their Marseille apartment, the attackers gathered an impressive arsenal of weapons, including a machine gun, pistols, a powerful explosives and an entire ammunition warehouse. Through a protected messenger, Merabet notified the Islamic State terrorist group that he was going to perform an “operation” with an accomplice. His message was intercepted by the Main Directorate of France’s internal security. The conspirators were detained near their apartment on the eve of the rally Le Pen.

The consideration of the case in the jury will last 4 weeks. The sentence is expected on February 3. Attorney lawyers are still refused to comment on the beginning of the process.