Israel allocated $ 1.5 billion on attacks of Iran’s nuclear facilities

The Government of Israel allocated $ 1.5 billion to prepare for a potential attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, the Israeli channel Channel 12.

According to the TV channel, 1 billion dollars will be spent on the preparation of the army to the potential attack on Iran this year, and $ 500 million in the following. It is expected that funds will be directed to airplanes, collecting intelligence and additional means to make shocks on nuclear facilities. It is reported that the intelligence will be carried out, including with the help of satellites. In Israel, they hope that these expenses will be approved in November.

Israel’s news is a budget allocation in order to attack Iran appeared a few days after the US Air Force announced the successful completion of the tests of the concrequency anti-ban GBU-72 “Advanced 5K Penetrator”. This bomb weighing 2.5 tons is designed to defeat the underground nuclear Iran objects.

However, as noted, transportation of GBU-72 is carried out on fighters or heavy bombers, and Israel does not have means for transporting such shells.

In 2009, Israel was secretly sold concrequate anti-ban GBU-28 bombs, which are easier and not able to destroy Iran’s nuclear center in Fordo, located under the mountains.

It is noted that, demonstrating reset GBU-72 bombs from a height of about 11,000 meters based in Florida, the US Air Force were intended to warn Iran and persuade Tehran to return to negotiations on the nuclear deal in Vienna.

Earlier, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Israel Aviv Kochavi said that his country would significantly speed up the preparation for action against Iran’s nuclear program. According to him, it is the objective of a significant part of Israel’s defense budget.

In January this year Kohavi said that the Israeli army is preparing a “new operational plans” for delivering powerful strikes on Iran. And in August, the chief of staff said that in response to the acceleration of the Iranian nuclear program, the Israeli army also accelerate the implementation of their operational plans.