Israel and Morocco signed a multi-year military contract

Unmanned aerial vehicles and an advanced air defense system – and this is only part of the weapon that Israel will sell Morocco, reports Israeli media.

It is noted that still Israel refused to respond to Morocco’s requests, however, with the improvement of relations and strengthening cooperation between the two countries, it became possible.

According to preliminary data, the center of the transaction is the Barack -8 air defense system, which is produced by the Israeli aerospace industry. This system is usually installed on ships, but there is also a ground version of anti-aircraft systems.

It is assumed that the motive for promoting the Morocco transaction is the growing tension in relations with the neighboring Algeria, which has the largest army in the Maghreb region. In addition, there is an internal threat – this is the movement of polysario, calling for the recognition of the sovereignty and independence of Western Sahara.

It is reported that the Minister of Defense of Israel Benny Gunz and representatives of the political security department at his office held a meeting with the Minister of Defense Morocco, headquarters head and head of intelligence.

High-ranking officials also agreed to continue cooperation in the field of expanded and countering terrorism.

In addition, it was decided to conduct joint training between armies.