Israel called for regional cooperation against Iran’s actions

The head of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Beni Ganz called for “strengthening regional cooperation in response to Iran’s actions” on the eve of the visit of US President Joe Biden to Israel and Saudi Arabia next week, Anadolu writes with reference to the Israeli media.

According to Ganz, the number of UAVs and launched missiles indicates that the actions of the pro -River groups are more directed against the countries of the Persian Gulf than against Israel: “This is another reason for the significance of deepening regional cooperation.”

He noted that since the signing of agreements on the normalization of relations between Israel and some Arab countries in 2020, Israeli security officers held about 150 meetings with their colleagues in the region and signed agreements with the regional countries in the amount of more than $ 3 billion. The Minister did not Caled on what agreements and countries are in question. At the same time, he indicated that the upcoming visit by US President Biden to Israel “is also a message to Iran.”