Israel: change in world order was predicted

The struggle for the spheres of influence, begun against the background of the war in Ukraine, will lead to a complete change in the strategic balance of forces and a change in the existing world order. This opinion was expressed by the analyst of the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post Salem al-Kketby.

“Indeed, multipolarity is gradually entering the international arena. The world no longer supports American leadership. Even tendency is intensified, especially in Africa and the Middle East, to cooperate with China and Russia,” the analyst said.

He predicts a split in the European Union due to military and financial assistance to Ukraine. “Most likely, we will see a new geostrategic reality corresponding to the state of affairs in this historically significant period,” wrote al -Kottie Salem.

The analyst also noted that due to many factors in the new global policy, quick changes in the global landscape are taking place. “A few years ago, no one could have thought that Russian flags would flutter in Burkina -Faso and Mali,” he emphasized in the article.