Israel made secret offer to West

Israel will invite the West to disrupt the supply of Iranian drones and ballistic missiles to Russia, which are used for attacks in Ukraine. It is reported by Axios with reference to sources from the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

According to them, on October 20, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent to several dozen Israeli embassies working in Western countries. It wrote a call to start raising the question of the supply of Iranian drones and missiles to Russia. After that, the foreign policy department sent a dossier with intelligence data that talk about how Iran supplies the army of Russia with weapons.

Having received this dispatch, Israeli diplomats coordinated with demarcals on this issue in many countries and transferred intelligence to local governments. The Ambassador of Israel to NATO transferred the dossier to the deputy secretary general of the organization, and another senior Israeli diplomat arrived in Brussels to hold a series of meetings on this topic at the headquarters of the European Union and the European parliament.

Israeli bands in Moscow raised the question before the deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry and conveyed the concern of Tel Aviv. The Israeli authorities plan to go further and organize an international conference dedicated to the spread of Iranian drones.

Official sources claim that the Israeli government hopes to use the topic of Iranian military assistance to Russia to strengthen international pressure on Tehran.