Israel: new generation “Barack” rocket was successfully tested

Concern “Israeli Aviation Industry” IAI (“Taarasia Avirit”) announced the completion of a new generation Barak ER anti-missile system test series.

This was announced by the site 12 of the TV channel and the site “Israel Ha yom”. The ability of a new rocket “Earth-air” Barak ER to shoot down in the air targets of different types at a distance of 150 km. The interception range is increased by adding a rocket accelerator. As stated by the developers from IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries), the tests were successful. The new Barak ER complex will become part of the complex echelonized Israel air defense system.

The Barak-8 rocket of the previous generation is in service with Israel, Azerbaijan and India, there are data on its procurement by other countries. This rocket is equipped with the Navy of Israel, and it has an effective range of targeting target 70-80 km.