Israel protested Russia

Israel expressed the protest of Russia in connection with the use of Iran Dronov-Kamikadze purchased from Iran during hostilities in Ukraine. This was reported on November 20 by several Israeli media.

According to information, the protest was expressed through two channels. Initially, the Israeli ambassador to Moscow, Alexander Ben-Tsvi, announced this during a meeting with the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Mikhail Bogdanov, who oversees the Middle Eastern direction and in the past held the post of Russian ambassador in Israel. Then, the head of the National Security Council, Aeal Hulat publicly stated that Israel in response to the supply of Iranian weapons of the Russian Federation may weigh the response. Which ones did not specify, but in the media, including Ukrainian ones, these words were “deciphered” as a hint of the possibility of the transfer of Israeli air defense systems to Ukraine, Israeli publications noted.

During the regional security conference in Manam (Bahrain), the head of the SNB of Israel made it clear that the Jewish state “cooperates with Ukrainians on many issues and is not going to stop there”.

both Russia and Iran for a long time denied the fact of weapons supplies. Contrary to the statement of Moscow and Tehran, in Israel, the shot air defense of Ukraine as shahed-136 identified in Israel. This type of aircraft was widely known after demonstration at military exercises in Iran at the end of 2021. The office of the President of Israel emphasized that in Russia they tried to hide the origin of drones, applying on the plane of the inscription Cyrillic – “Gerani -2”. However, a comparison of photographs taken at the site of drones and earlier, during military exercises in Iran, shows that the aircraft are visually and constructively identical.

On November 5, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossain Amir Abdollahian publicly admitted that his country handed over to Russia drones, but emphasized that these types of weapons were received by Moscow before the start of the war in Ukraine. Later this statement was refuted: the intelligence of a number of countries, including Israel, showed that weapons from Iran were supplied after February 24th.