Israel said that son -in -law of Case Suleimani “crammed” weapon of Lebanon

The son -in -law of the murdered commander of the Corps of the Islamic Revolution (KSIR) of Iran Kasem Suleimani is engaged in the smuggling of weapons from Iran to Lebanon using civil flights, says the IDF.

The representative of the IDAL Avihai Adrai described in detail the operation, behind which is the site of Reza Hashim Safi A-Din, who is married to the daughter of Kasem Suleimani, who died as a result of the blow of an American drone in 2020.

SIED – the son of Hashim Safi Ad -Din, the head of the executive council of “Hizballa”, whom some members of the organization call the potential heir to Hassan Nasellla.

“As part of his role, Hashima Safi A -Din monitors the activities of” Hizballa “with the Shiite population, communicates with prominent leaders of Lebanon and oversees relations with the media,” Adrai wrote.