Israel threatened to destroy weapons sent by Iran under guise

Israel will not hesitate to strike at any weapon that Iran will send to Syria under the guise of humanitarian aid, amid rescue work after a destructive earthquake in the country. About this an unnamed Israeli military official told the Elaph Saudi newspaper.

The source added that there are intelligence, indicating that Iran intends to use the crisis for sending weapons and military equipment Hizballle and Syria.

The official also answered the statements that Israel is ready to provide Humanitarian assistance to Syria, saying that Israel did not receive such requests, and that these messages were apparently published in order to draw Israel into questions that “” have nothing to do with him. ” The official emphasized that Israel is ready to help where it is necessary if it is asked about it.

A few days after the earthquake in Syria, several Iranian aircraft with humanitarian aid landed. Hizballa and the militias supported by Iran also joined humanitarian efforts in Syria after the disaster, writes Jerusalem Post.