Israeli Foreign Ministry: If Iran comes with war, then they will find it at home

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid in an interview with The Jerusalem Post said that if a new deal with Iran is implemented, it will not be applied to Israel.

“This does not apply to us in any way, and we are going to do everything necessary so that Iran does not become a nuclear country,” he said.

Lapid did not comment on the explosion of the plant to create drones in Iran, as well as the murder of a colonel of the Islamic Revolutionary Corps, which is accused of Israel, but noted that Tel Aviv repeatedly declared to the world that “he was not going to endure this further” .

“Iran declares that they can bring a war to our doorstep because we will never be able to bring it to them. This will not happen. I understand why they thought so in previous years, but this will not work with the current government, – said the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

He added that “if the Iranians bring war to our threshold, then they will find a war at home.”

“If they want to avoid this, then we will avoid this,” said the Israeli Foreign Minister