Israeli general: “Iran’s dagger was assigned to our throat”

“Iran’s dagger is assigned to our throat.” So said the former commander of the naval forces of Israel, General Eliezer Mar Chain during an interview with the Israeli media.

“Iran’s dagger was assigned to our throat, the Netanyahu government should make a decision, the time has come,” said the ex -commander.

Note that on Wednesday it was reported that the permanent representative of the Islamic Republic at the UN Amid Said Iravani in a letter sent to the UN Secretary General and the Chairman of the Security Council of the organization accused Israel on the Saturday attack of Dronov on a military facility in Isfahan. Iranian ambassador said that the data obtained indicate that Israel “is responsible for this attempt by an act of aggression”.

Iran claims that the damage from the blows was insignificant. The Israeli media, referring to the data of the Western special services, said that all drones had reached the goal. Israel did not comment on what happened, did not refute, and did not confirm that he was behind the attack. However, Iran is sure that the blow flew from there, and the Iranian ambassador to the UN stated that the country resolves the right to resolutely respond to any threats or unlawful actions of Israel.

American media quote unnamed officials who allegedly claim that it was Israel that struck the drones. If this is confirmed, this will be the first such attack against Iran’s military facilities held by the new Israeli government under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu, which was formed at the end of December, BBC notes.