Israeli Prime Minister suddenly flew to UAE

Israeli Prime Minister Bennett flew into the United Arab Emirates on Thursday, June 9.

According to the prime minister’s office, the main reason for the one-day visit to Abu Dhabi was Bennett’s desire to personally express his condolences to President Mohammed Ben Zaid al-Nahayan in connection with his brother Sheikh Khalifa Zaid al-Nahayan last month.

Upon arrival at the UAE Bennet, the country’s foreign minister Abdulla Bin Zaid accepted. It is expected that he will also meet with the ruler of the Emirates later on the same day in his personal palace. Bennett said that two leaders would discuss “many regional issues”, including the Iranian nuclear program.

Recall that this is the third meeting of Bennett with the leader of the UAE and his second visit to Abu Dhabi. The first took place in December last year and became the first visit of the Israeli leader to the kingdom. I also met with bin Zaid in March this year in Egypt.