Israel’s army is preparing for war with Iran

Israel Defense Army began preparations for the Universal War against Iran, including, among other things, an attack on nuclear facilities of this country. It is reported by Israel 7 Channel.

New operational plans include the “sharing exchange” option – both direct and indirect – different forces between the two countries. According to the report, Israel is only partially ready for the strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities after preparing for the strike was discontinued in the previous decade after signing the Iranian transaction. This year, plans were updated and accelerated, but it will be necessary for another 3-5 years so that they are willing, notes the publication.

Israel develops opportunities that will expand the spectrum of the tools that it has against Iran, and intends to dramatically increase the amount of his arsenal of defensive and offensive weapons in preparation for the future conflict with Iran.

Preparations for the possible future blow to Iran are divided into three main stages: the stage before the attack, the attack itself and what happens after the attack. The initial stage requires the PCAL to prepare not only operations plans, but also conducted training using models and preparations for the possible escalation of conflict on all fronts.

At the same time, Israel will need to take accelerated diplomatic actions to create international legitimacy to attack. Israel will do this without revealing their intentions to attack. US will be a full partner in this process.

A high-ranking official said Israel Hayom that “coordination with the Americans is strategic. Israel will also need to decide with its red lines and after which violations it will attack Iran.