Istanbul: one of leaders of PKK/KCK terrorist organization in Europe was detained

In Istanbul, the leader of the so -called Norwegian female department of the PKK/KCK terrorist organization Shirin Tokpynar.

Employees of the anti -terrorist department of the security department of Istanbul conducted an investigation with the aim of deciphering the activities of the PKK/KCK terrorist organization.

During the audit, it was found that one of the leaders of the so -called female department PKK/KCK in Norway Shirin Tokpynar came to Turkey annually to visit her relatives, as well as “meet members of loyal organizations of families, as well as investigate the so -called persecution of people by the state and inform the authorities of Norway. “

security forces found that the suspect had a reservation of tickets for the flight Syrnak – Istanbul and Istanbul – Gotheborg (Sweden) on October 12th.

The suspect, who, as it turned out, also transmitted through Germany to members of the terrorist organization in Northern Iraqi financial assistance he collected on behalf of PKK/KCK.

After the necessary police procedures, she was sent to the court, the decision of which was taken into custody.