It revealed from whom Armenians are waiting for help

About 40% of respondents in Armenia believe that Armenia’s military-political assistance may be expected from Iran. This was announced by the head of the Armenian representative office “Gallup International Association” Aram Navasardyan, presenting the results of the survey.

At the same time, 34.2% of respondents expect military -political assistance from France, 30% from Russia, 27.8% – from the United States, 25.6% from India, 5.1% from China, 3, 3, 3, 2% – from Germany, 0.3% – from the CSTO.

According to 29% of the respondents, the integration vector of Armenia should change towards equal relations with centers of influence (in November 2022, 44.6% were held). The number of respondents who consider it correct to direct the integration vector towards Russia increased: from 17.4% to 22.7%. At the same time, 12.6% of respondents are inclined towards the United States (the indicator decreased from 15.5%), 9.7% – towards the EU, 6.5% – France, 4.8% – Iran.

The survey was conducted in Armenia on January 17-24 through telephone calls, 1100 respondents took part in it.