It revealed on what conditions Rza Zubb was released

became aware of the details of the liberation of the businessman of the Azerbaijani origin of the Rzya Saraba, who was arrested in 2016 on charges of violation of US sanctions against Iran.

According to Turkish media, in 2018, the Zaruba appealed to the court with a request to release him on bail, and Judge Richard Berman took his application.

It is reported that the Zaruba presented a warranty letter to $ 100 million.

In terms of court conditions, the police can at any time conduct an investigation at the place of residence of Slarab. In addition, the businessman is allowed to use only a mobile phone and a computer provided by the prosecutor’s office. In addition, the zarbou is prohibited to leave without much permission beyond certain areas of Florida and New York. If a businessman wants to go somewhere in another place, he will need to get the appropriate permission of the prosecutor’s office.

Recall, Rza Zaruba, arrested in the United States in 2016, on charges of laundering by Iran’s sanction billions of dollars and tons of gold, concluded a deal with the investigative bodies of the Federal Bureau of Investigations and was released almost a year and a half later with the Jewish name – Aaron Goldsmith.