It revealed when Iran returns to nuclear negotiations

Iran, as the EU representative told, in the coming days will return to negotiations with the EU and the USA.

Iran and the European Union (EU) have agreed on Thursday to carry out a further dialogue in Brussels, aimed at renewing negotiations on the 2015 nuclear transaction between the Islamic Republic and world powers, Tehran said, reports AFP.

The EU Messenger who is entrusted to coordinate negotiations on the resumption of the Iranian nuclear transaction, Enrique Mora, visited Tehran on Thursday and has communicated with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Iran Ali Baghery for several hours.

“At the end of this meeting, the two parties agreed to continue the dialogue on issues of mutual interest in the coming days in Brussels,” the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs statements says that Mora said that the EU “is ready to cooperate with Iran and other parties. “

Iran gradually reduces the level of compliance with the 2015 nuclear transaction, which he signed with world powers, in response to the exit of the former US President Donald Trump from the agreement in May 2018.