Italian farmers plan large protest campaign in vicinity of Rome

In Italy, the protest of farmers against the agrarian policy of the EU, mainly the “green agreement”, as well as the increase in prices in the agrarian sector, continues.

protest promotions of various scales pass throughout the country: from north to south.

From Tuscany and a number of other regions of Italy in the direction of Rome, a column of tractors advanced.

It is expected that farmers in the coming days will reach the capital, where the largest protest promotion of recent days will be held.

Farmers reported that they would not enter the capital and hold protests in the surrounding quarters.

“We will surround Rome. We will not do this only with tractors and for several days,” the Italian newspaper La Stampa.

quotes one of the farmers.

Italian Prime Minister Georgia Melony after the EU leaders summit in Brussels said that the EU is making mistakes in agrarian policy and should be changed.

The protests of farmers are held not only in Italy, but also in Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary and other EU cities.

Farmers protest against the agrarian policy of Brussels, reducing subsidies, high energy costs, fuel and fertilizers against the background of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, importing cheap grain products from Ukraine and water saving measures.

European farmers criticize the EU for complicating agricultural production by introducing strict rules for the use of carbon fertilizers and pesticides within the “green course”.