Italian Foreign Minister left his party because of Ukraine

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi di Mayo announced the withdrawal of 5 stars from the movement of 5 stars because of disagreements with the head of the party of Giuseppe Comte.

EURONEWS reports that the head of the Italian Foreign Minister said at a press conference in Rome.

about his decision to leave the ruling party.

ANSA agency reports that about 60 single -party people are ready to follow the Minister’s example and get out of the largest parliamentary faction.

Di Mayo announced his decision on the day of voting in the Senate about supporting the external course of Prime Minister Mario Draga, in particular, in relation to Ukraine. According to Di Mayo, it was important for him to support European values ​​and fix that “an attack was committed on Ukraine, and Russia is an aggressor,” while the position of some members of his party could “weaken Italy’s positions” and “undermine the efforts of the head of government” .

di Mao noted that the republic needs a new political force that would protect the interests of the regions, and, where there would be no place for personal ambitions, “hatred, populism and extremism.” According to the Italian media, the new project will be called “Together for the Future.”