Italy: “Big Boss” “Kosa Nostra” died

On September 25, the leader of the organized criminal organization Matteo Messina Denaro, who was captured in January in Italy after many years of search, died in the morning.

According to the Italian agency ANSA, Denaro, known as the “Big Boss” of the Mafia Group “Koza Nostra”, operating on the island of Sicily in the south of the country, and the organizer of a number of massacres, died in a prison hospital in the city of Akvil, where he was treated from colon cancer.

Denaro, who lived on the run for many years, was captured on January 16 as a result of technical observation in a private clinic, where he sought medical help in the city of Palermo in the south of the country.

The arrest of Matteo Messina Denaro caused a big resonance in the country.

After the detention, he was placed in a maximum security prison in Aquille. A full -fledged hospital operates in the prison, where it was treated with cancer.

It was later stated that Denaro does not cooperate with justice.

The press appeared that Denaro, which for a long time underwent a course of cancer treatment, “irreversibly fell into a coma last weekend.”

Denaro is accused of large -scale criminal events of the last 30 years, including the murders of famous judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, who became a symbol of the country due to their struggle against the mafia. They could not avoid the attack of the mafia in 1992. According to the investigation, Denaro is also involved in terrorist attacks in Milan, Florence and Rome in 1993.