Italy froze property of simultaneous Russians

Italy’s financial guard imposed new restrictive measures on the property of Russians who fell under the sanctions of the European Union because of the Russian war against Ukraine, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the press service of the Government Palace of Kiji.

According to information, we are talking about real estate related to the property of Galina Pumpyanskaya, the wife of entrepreneur Dmitry Pumpyansky. The object located in the northern province of Lekko is estimated at 300 thousand euros. The list also appears in the sculpture, which in 2021 was acquired by the co-founder of the Alfa Group Alexei Kuzmichev. Its cost is approximately 230 thousand euros.

Italy’s financial guard has been conducting procedures for “freezing” of residential real estate, companies, yachts and cars of Russians that have fallen under sanctions. It is noted that a measure of restraint in the case of “sanctions” assets of Russians is not an arrest, but frost, which means the inability to use and dispose of property. One of the most striking “lots” in the list of frozen assets was the Scheherazade yacht (“Scheherazada”) for 650 million euros, which local media called the most expensive in the world.