Jahin Bayramov wrote to UN Secretary General about sending Armenian military to Azerbaijan

The letter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Jeyhun Bayramov, sent to the UN Secretary General on March 1, 2021, on Armenia’s attempts to deploy its military personnel in the internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan, contrary to international law and the trilateral statement of November 10, 2020, was circulated as an official document of the General Assembly and the UN Security Council.

As reported to Azeri Foreign Ministry press service, drawing the attention of the Secretary General to the steps of Armenia serving instability in the region, Minister Jeyhun Bayramov in his letter informs that Armenia for the secret passage of the personnel of its armed forces through the “Lachin corridor “Bypassing the control procedures of the Russian peacekeepers, he sends them to the territory of Azerbaijan in civilian clothes and in civilian transport. It is emphasized that this fact causes discontent among the families of military personnel and was recorded by independent media.

The Minister stresses that the deployment of the Armenian armed forces in the internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan is a gross violation of Armenia’s international obligations, in particular, the obligations to respect and observe the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other countries.

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry recalled that the letters sent earlier by Minister Jeyhun Bayramov to the UN Secretary General, in which it was reported about the activities of Armenia aimed at disrupting stability contrary to the trilateral statement, including the sending of terrorist groups to Azerbaijani territories, about a serious threat arising from the massive planting of mines and other explosive devices in the liberated lands of Azerbaijan, as well as Armenia’s refusal to provide relevant information in connection with mined territories, were distributed as a document of the General Assembly and the UN Security Council.