Japan approved a plan for drain of radioactive water into sea

The Japan nuclear regulation (Uyar) has previously approved the plan of the Tokyo Electric Power (Terso) energy company for draining water with a destroyed nuclear power plant (nuclear power plant) “Fukushima-1”. Reuters reports on the decision, referring to National Public Television NHK.

Terso plans to filter water contaminated with radioactive substances to remove isotopes, leaving only tritius, which cannot be removed technically. Then the company will dilute the water until the volumes of tritius are reduced to normative value – after that the water will go to the sea. Water discharge should begin in the spring of 2023, while the liquid will be drained through the tunnel at a distance of one kilometer from the coast, in the area where local fishermen do not have permission to conduct fishing.

The official approval of the plan will occur after processing a public opinion poll within a month, but the agency’s statement seriously bothers local residents and fishermen. Neighboring states also criticized – China and South Korea. It remains unclear how the government will be able to convince citizens of the advantages of such a decision.