Japan: in 2023, 21818 suicide cases were recorded

In Japan, 21818 cases of suicide were recorded in 2023, while 1010 cases from this number fall on students. This is evidenced by the preliminary data of statistics published by the National Police Directorate of Japan.

According to preliminary data, the number of suicides in 2023 decreased throughout the country by 63 cases compared to the previous year. At the same time, 14,854 cases of suicide are in men and 6,964 – women. The number of deaths as a result of suicides among students is 1010, 507 cases of this number are in primary, secondary school and lyceum students.

According to data, the main three causes of suicides were health problems, the cost of life and working conditions.

Suicide stature in 2023 attracted attention to the fact that this indicator is one of the highest after 1980.