Japan launched reconnaissance satellite to increase national security

Japan launched an H-2A missile with a satellite for collecting intelligence information that will be used to increase national safety and respond to natural disasters.

H-2A missile with an optical companion developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (MHI) and the Japanese Aerospace Agency (JAXA), was launched from the Tanegasima Space Center in Kagosima in the southwest of the country.

A satellite control center of the Cabinet of Ministers (Cabinet Satellite Intelligence Center – CSICE) and the widely known to the public as a “spy” successfully took the orbital position.

The representative of CSICE Hiroki Yasuda said that the satellite is “important for Japan in terms of collecting information.”

“Since the situation around Japan is becoming more severe and vague, and the risks of natural disasters are growing, intelligence satellites are vital in terms of international relations, defense and safety, as well as for response to natural disasters,” he said.

Assistant to the collection of information, which has two optical sensors and capable of photographing even in bad weather conditions, will be used both in order to ensure national security and in natural disasters.

It is known that such types of “intelligence” satellites were first represented by the public in 1998, when North Korea tested ballistic missiles.