Jens Stoltenberg: NATO will take on leading role in helping Ukraine

NATO will assume a leading role in providing Ukraine’s assistance in the field of security and training in order to reduce the load on the United States.

This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at a press conference following a meeting with US President Joe Bayden in the White House.

“This is important because it will ensure greater predictability and great accountability when it comes to our support from Ukraine,” he said.

Stoltenberg Tajka expressed satisfaction with the decision of the US Congress to provide Ukraine with $ 60 billion.

Secretary General noted that NATO will be assigned a large role in organizations to ensure the security of Ukraine that will be created from the US military base in Germany.

The head of NATO also commented on the proposal of Russian President Vladimir Putin on a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine.

“This is not a peaceful proposal, but the proposal for Russia to achieve its goals in the war, convincing Ukraine to abandon its sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Stoltenberg said.

According to him, the best way to achieve a strong and fair world in Ukraine is to strengthen its military potential, as this will ensure the survival of Ukraine as a sovereign, independent state