Johannis: fall of Russian UAVs on territory of Romania is not an attack

Romania President Klaus Johannis said that the fall of Russian UAVs in his country is a real problem, but they cannot be perceived as a pre -thought act of aggression.

This is reported by the Romanian media.

According to Johannis, the Russian UAV fell on the territory of Romania three times. “So far, no one has suffered, but this does not mean that these incidents do not matter,” he said.

The Romanian President also added that he discussed the situation with the fall of Russian UAVs with representatives of the allied countries. As a result of these discussions, according to Johannis, Romania significantly strengthened its air defense.

“Although Russia’s attacks are not directed against Romania, the situation is unacceptable,” he stressed.

The last message about the wreckage of the Russian UAVs on the territory of Romania was received on September 9.