Joint Russian-Tajik military teaching started in Tajikistan

In Tajikistan, a joint bilateral exercise of the Armed Forces of Russia and Tajikistan started, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reports.

The department reported that the opening ceremony took place at the Harb-Maidon mountain and desert training in the Khatlon region of Tajikistan. Joint bilateral teaching takes place from April 15 to April 18, 2024.

“During the exercise, military contingents of the two countries work out the organization of the application of the armed forces to destroy terrorist gangs, the preparation of units for the assigned tasks in mountainous areas, as well as the management of units during the cover of the state border and destroying illegal armed formations,” – Noted in the Ministry of Defense.

The basis of the Russian military contingent, according to the agency, is the units of the 201th Russian military base of the Central Military District: mountain, motorized rifle, tank, artillery, intelligence units, as well as crews of the aviation group on shock helicopters of the Mi-24 and transport-comb Mi-8MTV5-1. In addition, the teachings will be involved in the RCB of protection, unmanned aerial vehicles and mobile groups of electronic warfare.