Josep Borrel: “Fortunately, we are not at war and we will not”

The world concluded between Europeans after the Second World War was an exception. Fortunately, we are not at war and will not. So said the Supreme EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrel on the air of the EL ̇NTERMEDIO program La Sexta.

“In the east of Europe there is a war. This has been going on for two years and, it seems, is not going to end. We, Europeans, must understand that the world that exists between us is an exception. There is too much violence in the world, and brutal forces They become more and more common. Geography is important in the places where the war is on. In Ukraine and in the gas sector there is a war for the Earth. Fortunately, we are not at war and will not, but we need to think about increasing our defense capabilities, ”said Borrel.

According to him, the EU countries do not put the army to Ukraine on the agenda, since they are not at war.

“If we were at war, we would now talk about the Third World War. So far we have taught the Ukrainian army to fight on their own land. At the moment, we have prepared more than 40 thousand Ukrainian military. We help Ukraine and We will continue to do this. If we do not do this, Ukraine will not be able to protect ourselves. The difference here is that helping a country at a war of war is one thing, and joining the war is another, ”the head of European diplomacy emphasized.

– “Russia is enough not to lose. Ukraine needs a victory”

“Russia wanted a war that would last two weeks. It was its plan. It was planned to come in two weeks, to establish a puppet government, as in Belarus, and send the same number of Ukrainians to Siberia, but this did not happen. Two years have passed, and two years have passed, and two years. Not two weeks, ”says Borrel.

The European diplomat said that Russia is enough not to lose, and Ukraine needs to win.

“For her (Ukraine-ed.” Anadol “) it is not enough not to lose, she must defeat. This means resistance, and they still did it. And as no one expected. Of course, I am not either this either expected. Ukrainians know what they are fighting for, and the Russian military is not very, ”he emphasized.

The EU Supreme Representative reminded of his meeting with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in Kyiv two weeks before the conflict.

“He told me:” Russia will invade us. When they do this, I know that Spanish youth will not come to die for Kyiv, but tell me if you will give us the necessary weapons that we can protect ourselves? “We answered” yes “and this should continue,” said it, “said He.