Journalists and customs officers merged into some rows: VAT + pen = force

Media Development Agency and State Customs Committee (GTC) held a seminar on the topic “Reforms in the Customs System: Results, Perspectives”.

The meeting held in Lankaran covered the widest range of activities of the CTC – from the fiscal function of customs authorities to their participation in the global war with drug trafficking.

According to the organizers, the purpose of the event was the development, the so-called, “industry journalism”.

“We are interested in the representatives of the media deeply disassembled in the essence and features of reforms conducted by Azerbaijan Customs to objectively and in detail about them the public of the country,” the head of the Public Relations of the State Committee of the State Committee of Natik Akhundov said in his speech.

“The effectiveness of the planned reforms largely depends on the level of their professional lighting in the media,” said the representative of the Agency for the Development of Media Parvana Ibrahimov. – It is very important to bring to the country’s population the essence of the changes in the customs system, which also had a positive impact on various spheres of life. states. “

Speaking about the fiscal function of the Customs and its participation in the socio-economic development of Azerbaijan, the Zoodle of the State Customer Faik Orujev noted that the formation of 15.9 percent of the state budget of the country was predicted for the current year at the expense of customs revenues. These are essential figures, if we consider that also forecasts, 47.4 percent of the budget will be formed from the receipts of the State Effluoride and 32.9 percent – from the State Tax Service.

Last year, customs predicted 17.1 percent of the revenues to the state budget. However, the reality exceeded all expectations, the forecast was completed by 111 percent, and adventures in the state budget amounted to 4 billion 342 million manat, which is 442 million manat more predicted. It is noteworthy that at the level of customs receipts, the coronavirus pandemic, practically, did not affect.

According to Faika Oruzhev, most of the goods for the importation, liberated from VAT and customs duties, is a manufacturing equipment intended for technoparks, agriculture, etc. Most of all duties come from car imports. The leading countries to import Azerbaijani products are Italy, Russia and Turkey, the main exporters of products to Azerbaijan are Russia, Turkey and China.