Journalists are dismissed from Russian TV channels

After the invasion of Russia to Ukraine from the Russian First Channel, VGTRK, several well-known journalists quit NTV, writes “Medusa”.

So, leading NTV Lilia Guildeev, who worked on the TV channel since 2006, Varlamov News reported that he left Russia first, and then wrote a letter of dismissal. She fired at his own request, writes a journalist Alexey Bivovarov, who had previously worked with Guildeeva in the program “Today”. In NTV confirmed the departure leading. Also with NTV, Vadim Glusker, who worked on the TV channel since 1993 resigned. Glucker confirmed to journalist Alexey Venediktov, which does not work on NTV from March 2.

From the first channel, the special correspondent of Jeanne Agalakova, who worked on the TV channel since 1999, was reported to the journalist Roman Super and the source of Varlamov News. There are no other confirmations of this information, “Medusa” notes.

The novel was also reported that, according to his familiar Employee VGTRK, employees are also massively dismissed from this state television and radio company.