June 1 celebrate International Children’s Day

On Thursday, June 1, International Children’s Day is celebrated.

Children’s Day, which is on the first day of summer, is one of the oldest international holidays, it has been celebrated all over the world since 1950.

The decision on its holding was made in 1925 at the World Conference in Geneva, dedicated to the issues of children’s well -being. The UN supported this initiative and announced the protection of the rights, life and health of children one of the priority areas of their activities.

After the Second World War, when the problems of maintaining the health and well -being of children were more relevant than ever, in 1949, a congress of women took place in Paris, on which an oath of an excited struggle for ensuring a strong world sounded, as the only guarantee of children’s happiness.

On June 1, 1950, at the International Women’s Conference, organized by the UN General Assembly, it was decided to devote to the international protection of children on June 1. After this event, June 1 went down in history as International Children’s Day.

All children’s rights and freedoms are reflected in the declaration of the rights of the child, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1959. It proclaims the equal rights of children in the field of education, education, social security, physical and spiritual development, regardless of the color of the skin, nationality, social origin, property status, etc. The declaration calls for parents, public organizations, government to recognize the rights of children and promote their implementation.

The main purpose of the day of protection of children is to focus on the public on real children’s problems. This idea is directly present in the name of the holiday.

International Children’s Day has a flag. On a green background, symbolizing growth, harmony, freshness and fertility, stylized figures are placed around the sign of the Earth – red, yellow, blue, white and black. These human figures symbolize diversity and tolerance. The sign of the Earth located in the center is a symbol of the common house.

In addition, World Child Day (November 20), International Day of Innocent Children – Victims of Aggression (June 4) and the Protecting Children of Africa (June 16) are devoted to children. At the level of international law, the main document is the Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted by the UN on November 20, 1989.