Just try: Iran warns Kurdish separatists

Iran’s armed forces can strike on terrorist groups in the Kurdish autonomous area in Iraq if they threaten the security of the Islamic Republic. With such a statement, the commander of the building of the Corps of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpur was performed.

“Armed terrorist groups are trying to use Northern Iraq to create security threats in the area of ​​the border with Iran,” – quotes its IRNA agency.

According to the Iranian military, “the continuation of such a situation is unacceptable for Iran, and Tehran respond accordingly to terrorists.”

Pakpur added that the “Governments of Iraq and Iraqi autonomy should not allow terrorists to create cells on this territory who threaten Iran.”

Cross-border areas in the West IRI are one of the sources of tension for Iran. At the border with the Kurdish autonomous area, clashes occur between Iranian border guards and members of the Kurdish organizations.