Kabul announced world readiness with Taliban

The Authorities of Afghanistan are ready to negotiate peace with representatives of the Taliban after the fulfillment of a number of conditions, said in an interview with Izvestia.

On the question of the willingness of the Government of Afghanistan, to include the “Taliban” in a certain deal under the section of power and work together, atmo answered: “We are ready to work with the Taliban, ready to take them to the government, ready to peace with them and the section with them power. And we have not so many conditions for this. “

The minister stressed that the main conditions are the free willing of citizens about the future of their country and the lack of a threat to other countries at the external borders of Afghanistan.

Diplomat recalled that in the past, the movement worked closely with Al-Qaeda and a number of other terrorist organizations in Central Asia, China and Russia: “Actively work with them now, and there are no reasons for which they will not In the same way in the future. And it becomes a huge mistake to think that Afghanistan, headed by the Taliban, will not be a refuge for international terrorists and threat to countries around. Exactly. “