Kadyrov about “second -class people” in Russia

“I am turning to you, a deviator. You can come up with different excuses. You can say that you do not support the current policy. You can come up with a fairy tale that you are alien to the idea of ​​war and the concept of weapons or that you simply do not accept violence. But Know, you are just a coward, a traitor and a second -class man. ” This opinion was expressed in his Telegram channel the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.

He noted that when the one to whom he addresses needs a state, he is a citizen with a capital letter. According to him, at such moments this person requires compliance with his rights and loves to “poke a finger” into the second chapter of the Russian Constitution.

As Kadyrov claims when a person wants to expand his comfort zone, he is “to the brain of the bones of Patriot.” At the same time, when the state needs his support and he is drawn to the agenda, he does not turn out to be grateful to the state and faithful people as a defender, the head of Chechnya notes.

“You are an ordinary coward, a slave of your hare soul, throw relatives, friends, acquaintances, a house, a city … And no excuses will wash this shame, a deviator. You are even afraid to admit your cowardice,” he wrote.