Kadyrov awarded himself

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov received the title of Hero of the Chechen Republic.

The medal was presented by the chairman of the republican parliament Magomed Daudov.

He noted that Kadyrov is the first to receive this title in the region, and added that his merits to the Chechen Republic and the Russian Federation are worthy of a special study. “

The hero of the Hero of the Chechen Republic was established in October 2022 on behalf of Kadyrov himself. In his Telegram channel, the regional leader wrote that they plan to award the natives of Chechnya in Ukraine. The medal is an eight-pointed star, it is made of 70 grams of gold of the 750th test.

The publication Sota notes that, according to the position on the rank, the decision on the award is made by the head of Chechnya. Thus, Kadyrov awarded himself the first of all Chechens. The Russian media preferred the wording “Awarded the title.”

In mid -February, the head of Chechnya received the title of “Father of the People”, making appropriate changes to the Constitution of the Republic.