Kamran Aliyev, in conversation with Iran General Prosecutor General, condemned terrorist attack at Azerbaijani embassy

The Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan Kamran Aliyev today held a telephone conversation with his Iranian colleague Muhammad Jafar Montazeri.

During the conversation, Montazeri expressed regrets in connection with the terrorist attack in the building of the Azerbaijan Embassy in Tehran on January 27 and condolences to the Azerbaijani people and family members of the victims. Iran Prosecutor General informed his Azerbaijani colleague in detail about the progress of the criminal case.

K. Aliyev, in turn, condemned the aforementioned attack and brought to the attention of Montazeri that the investigation of the criminal case in the corresponding investigative structure of Azerbaijan was ongoing. The Prosecutor General emphasized the need for a complete and comprehensive investigation on the part of Iran of a criminal case, identify and prosecute all its participants, investigation of the causes and circumstances of the incident.

Following the conversation, the parties agreed to keep this criminal case under control and cooperate in the framework of mutual legal assistance.